Ruan Long, COO of YeeCall

Ruan Long, YeeCall COO, participated in the founding of YeeCall in 2015. YeeCall is an acquaintances-targeted social platform, with 30 million worldwide users from Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, India, and the Middle East, etc. In 2018, YeeCall joining with Yee Foundation, officially launched Yee eco-blockchain project, aiming to realize the large-scale application of blockchain based on the great number of YeeCall users.

Ruan Long was the first Product Manager and Chief Product Architect of BaiduMobile. Later he joined Tapas Mobile which was the first start-up company invested by Sinovation Ventures, and worked as Product Director, in charge of the product design and user growth of 4 products that has hundreds of millions of users. After Tapas Mobile was acquired by Baidu, he joined Baidu Mobile Security Department and worked as the Product Committee President.