Kay Woo, CEO of MVL Foundation

Kay Woo is the founder of MVL foundation. MVL(Mass Vehicle Ledger) provides a mobility blockchain protocol to mobility platforms and services in Asia. Kay earned his master’s degree on statistics from Columbia University and his electrical engineering degree from Seoul National University.

Previously, Kay ran a easi6, a fleet management platform which covers Hong Kong, South China, Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore. The easi6 platform also partnered with local Vietnam mobility platform and rental car companies. This platform provides an API connection for vehicle sourcing to online travel service and mobility services. This platform management experience taught Kay and the MVL team that there are many existing problems in the mobility industry. With the traditional platform approach, there are certain limitations to solve those problems. Luckily, the MVL team was able to adapt blockchain into the mobility platforms and the very first blockchain based service that will be introduced is a ZERO commission on-demand service in Singapore and Vietnam. Through this blockchain based on-demand service, MVL believes that it can deliver the increased value to drivers and society.