Jeffrey Wernick, Entrepreneur, Uber, Airbnb and early Bitcoin investor

Mr Jeffrey Wernick started his career trading options and futures on the CBOC, CBOT and the CME while being a college student. After working at Salomon Brothers and later the National Bank of Detroit in senior positions for quantitative research, capital trading, risk management and loan pricing, he ran his own company AVI Portfolio Services Company, Inc. specialized in risk management in tailored and exotic derivative products, which was sold in 1984 to the largest insurance company in diversified financial interests. Ever since, he has been managing money, including his own personal wealth, and is highly experienced with investing in distressed and bankrupt companies, as well as in other domestic and international investment opportunities, including seed capital, angel investing, venture capital, real estate, currencies, commodities, mining, all forms of derivatives and structured financial products, sharing economy, lending platforms, bitcoin, blockchain, biomedical, human genome project and payment systems.