Harry Xiao, Founder of MeshBox

Mr. Xiao founded a game discovery portal Downjoy with his high school classmate in 2004. In the early feature phone era, Downjoy became a pioneer of the mobile internet industry. It has evolved to be a leading mobile game platform in China with 120 million users, with a most devoted and loyal mid to hard-core mobile gamers.

Since 2014, Harry has become well versed and a firm believer in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. He has backed a series of blockchain related technology companies or foundations including 8BTC and SmartMesh as an angel investor. 8BTC is ranked #1 blockchain community in China. SmartMesh is first tier blockchain project bring the whole blockchain into an area without internet. After that, he begins to create the company MeshBox. "MeshBox is a central node and mining capable hardware box device that combines Mesh network routing with content storage and distribution functionality based on the development of the decentralized SmartMesh protocol, interfacing directly with social users and enabling everyone to become operators."